MT4j - Multitouch for Java™ - is an open source Java™ framework, created for rapid development of visually rich applications.
MT4j is designed to support different kinds of input devices with a special focus on multi-touch support.
MT4j Features
  • can be used for 2D, 3D or 2.5D (pseudo-3D) applications
  • cross-platform - currently tested under Windows 7™, XP™, Vista™, Ubuntu Linux and Mac OSX™
  • extensible, component based scene graph structure (similar to Java™'s swing framework)
  • input abstraction layer - support for all sorts of input devices can be easily added
  • supports the new Windows 7™ Touch features natively and all the compliant multi-touch hardware
  • supports Apple™'s multi-touch mice and trackpads
  • supports the TUIO protocol, which is provided by finger and object tracking software such as Reactivision, CCV or Touché
  • flexible multitouch gesture system - you can define your own multitouch gestures
  • the most common multitouch gestures are already included and can be registered modularly with any component for a pluggable behaviour changeable at runtime
  • software or hardware accelerated graphics rendering (using OpenGL)
  • includes many graphical objects e.g.: rectangles, round rectangles, ellipses, polygons, lines, triangle meshes, spheres, cubes, etc. with support for textures, gradients, fill- and outline color
  • includes prebuilt UI components e.g.. buttons, text, lists, sliders and a multitouch enabled keyboard
  • support for loading and fast rendering of vector graphics from Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files
  • supports bitmap and vector fonts (SVG and True Type Fonts)
  • imports 3D objects from .3ds and .obj files with textures and creates normals for smooth shading
  • precise picking/selection of all geometric objects in 2D or 3D space - most gestures are supported in 3D
  • animation support
  • built on top of Processing, which allows you to use its many features and libraries
  • test your multitouch application by using one - or even multiple mice connected to your pc (Windows, Linux)
  • MT4j is open source and released under the GPL License.
Showcase: MT4j - Android Edition: First Alpha Verison
Multi-Touch Shell example
Running three MT-apps

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