MT4j on Android 
Monday, April 4, 2011, 10:58 AM
Posted by Chris
As Mt4j has a strong focus on multi-touch and is written in java, porting it to Google's Android platform seemed like a logical step to take. So in the past months Ive been working on porting MT4j to the android platform. This proofed to be more challenging than I first hoped it to be as I not only had to adapt the code to the Android platform but also adapt MT4j code to the Processing MT4j port which also differs in many ways from the desktop version.
Fast forward - we now have an experimental alpha version of a MT4j Android port ready to download and play around with! :)

You can .

Of course, you will also need the .

I included a little demo project into the download to get you going.

Of course there are still many things missing which are availble in the desktop version but the basic functionality is there. Keep in mind that this is a developers preview release so just take the code and play around with it - and give us some feedback! :)

Have fun!

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