MT4j interim Release (v 0.98) 
Monday, April 4, 2011, 08:50 AM
Posted by Chris
Realizing that there's still alot of work to be done before releasing version 1.0 with good conscience, we're now releasing an interim release of MT4j. This new version 0.98 contains alot of bug fixes, new features and many little improvements which accumulated since the last 0.95 release.

A few of the more prominent features/changes are:
- new stroke gesture recognition support (e.g. draw a circle and attach a special function to that gesture - you can also implement your own stroke gestures)
- new flick, double-tap, and rotate-3d (set rotation axis with 2 fingers, use 3rd to rotate - see modelsexample) gestures
- input event bubbling
- added a new, easy to use animation library (see AniAnimation class) which can seamlessly replace the old Animation class.
- basic CSS support (see css examples)
- change text font color on the fly
- allow fullscreen using different resolutions
- new simple particle example
- more...

Also, many changes were made in order to create a MT4j Android port. So the MT4j project has now been split up into MT4j-Core, MT4j-Desktop and MT4j-Android projects.

So the /trunk folder on the Google Code svn is deprecated from now on and the latest development is going on on this branch:

A few classes were moved a round (i.e. FontManager is now located under package org.mt4j.util.font) and renamed (e.g. IdragClusterable -> ILassoable) so if you ugrade your project to use the new version you might get some errors which are usually easily resolved by re-organizing your imports (in Eclipse - use ctrl+shift+o).

As for the MT4j-Android port - Im dedicating another blog post to that :)

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