On this page, you find tutorials about various topics concerning MT4j and its usage.


Tutorial: Hello World

This tutorial shows how to create a simple MT4j application by explaining the Hello World example step by step, illustrating the basic structure and components of a MT4j application.

Components in MT4j

This tutorial explains the basic structure of MT4j components and how to use and modify them. Reading is strongly recommended for beginners.

Component transformations and coordinate spaces explained

This Tutorial explains the coordinate spaces used in MT4j and how components and points can be transformed.

Geometric shapes in MT4j

This tutorial shows the geometric shapes provided by MT4j and the functionality they offer. Furthermore we learn how to change a shape's geometry and appearance.

Text and Fonts

This article discusses the font and text rendering systems of MT4j. It shows how to load fonts and use them in text components.

Setting up multi-touch gesture functionality on components

In this tutorial we learn the steps necessary to make MT4j components react to multitouch gestures. It also shows how to write your own gesture listener to create custom gesture behaviour.

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