MT4j Roadmap 
Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 05:30 PM
Posted by Chris
As requested I'm providing a rough roadmap for the MT4j toolkit so that you as a developer know what to expect in the future and to increase planning reliability.
With the release of version 0.95 most important features have been implemented so that no big changes are to be expected for the next release. This allows us freeze the API (at least to a high degree) and to ensure a good level of backwards compatibility and consistency.

So for version 1.0 which is to be released at the beginning of next year, the following is planned:

1. License change to the more liberal LGPL license which means that you can use MT4j in closed source commercial applications
- requires to re-implement the tuio-lib and to extract all GPL dependencies (i.e. gsVideo lib)

2. release a pack of MT4j extensions
- this includes custom components (i.e. UI-Components, menues, buttons etc), custom imput sources and other stuff contributed by the community
- so if you have developed a component which you think would be a useful contribution let us know!

3. various changes from the current SVN version such as CSS support, a new and easy to use animation library and more

4. linux HID driver support for multi-touch screens
- if time allows, contributions welcome

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