Java GUI integration 
Sunday, March 28, 2010, 03:33 PM
Posted by Chris
A while ago I was asked if MT4j could be integrated with a java swing application. I hadn't really given much thought to that scenario and hadn't tried it myself. But theoretically it had to be possible since the MTApplication class is derived from the Applet class which can be treated as a common java gui component.

Now, after a few little changes and adjustments, java swing/awt is playing nicely with a MT4j application embedded into it.
This alows to use the various components and menus etc. of the Java GUI toolkits in combination with a multi-touch aware mt4j window and to integrate MT4j into pre-existing java applications.
This scenario is powerful in combination with a windows 7 compatible multi-touch screen because windows 7 will generate legacy mouse events for the Java swing/awt GUI but at the same time provide full multi-touch support for the embedded MT4j window.

There is a working example of an embedded MT4j window in a Java swing JFrame in the which you can try out yourself.
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