MT4j source code repository created on Google Code 
Friday, March 19, 2010, 02:07 AM
Posted by Chris
Until now the development of MT4j has been going on more or less behind closed doors with source code releases only when relasing a new version. But as some of you have probably noticed already - the MT4j source code has recently been published as a . This step opens up the development process of MT4j in several ways:

» you can now check out the most up to date source code directly from the and get the latest bug fixes and features without waiting for a new big release
» if you come across issues, bugs, have feature requests, etc. you can add them to the
» it is now easily possible to integrate other developers interested in contributing to MT4j into the project.

If you are interested in contributing to MT4j please check out the "" wiki page.


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New Version 0.9 Released! 
Wednesday, February 24, 2010, 09:10 PM
Posted by Chris
So here it is - the new version of MT4j!

After weeks of working long hours on the release it is finally done.
Many bugs have have been fixed, new features added and countless little improvements have been made since the relase of the first version last year.
The new version is faster, less memory hungry and more stable in general.

One of the exciting new features is the native Windows 7 (multi-)touch support which enables MT4j applications to run on most of the new multi-touch hardware solutions.

So, what else is new in version 0.9?
» more examples! interactive water, MT-Shell application loader, Air-Hockey and more
» new components - MTList, MTOverlayContainer, MTSceneWindow..
» easy to use 2D physics engine integration with examples
» some memory leaks fixed, consumes less in general, loads faster
» lots of bug fixes and improvements
» all examples have been overhauled and improved
» scene transitions more robust, ability to use transition effects (blend, fade, slide etc, easily extendable)
» you can add global touch feedback with one line of code
» multiple mice support on linux
» new and improved tap&hold gesture, new gesture example scene, showing all available gestures and how to use them

For a more detailed list of changes, check out the ChangeLog at:

Download the new version here:

And as images say more than words, a few teasers:

The new MTShell example allows to load and run other MT4j scenes:

The new interactive water, airhockey and maps scene loaded and running in a window:

Have fun guys, and build something awesome!

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New MT4j Videos available 
Wednesday, February 24, 2010, 08:21 PM
Posted by Uwe
Because of the release of MT4j v0.9 we added a set of new Videos. For almost every example contained in the full release, a short video (about 30 sec.) is now available in the . We used our new multi-touch terminal (DI technology) and a HP TouchSmart notebook via the native WM_TOUCH interface on MS Windows 7. A new video will replace the currently featured video on the main page, soon.
You can check out all new MT4j videos on our .

Have fun ;)
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Documentation update 
Saturday, January 23, 2010, 06:20 PM
Posted by Chris
With the next version of MT4j coming out soon and even more features and classes to use,
the documentation of MT4j has been lacking behind.
This is why I decided to put some effort into extending the documentation during the last weeks.
The extisting tutorials have be reworked and most importantly - new tutorials have been added.

The new tutorials are:
=> Covers all the basic functions and features of components

=> Explains the coordinate systems used in MT4j and their use

=> Shows the possibilities and how to work with geometric shapes

With the basic topics covered by tutorials and the MT4j examples in place, it should be pretty easy for beginners to create their first MT4j application. Of course there are still many topics which havent been covered, yet.
We will try to fill these gaps in the documentation step by step.
As always, we are open for feedback. So if there is a special topic you want to have a tutorial for - Let us know!
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Merry Christmas Everyone! - New release coming soon! 
Friday, December 25, 2009, 01:43 PM
Posted by Administrator
First of all - I wanted to take the time to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Since the release of the first MT4j version in september '09 we have recieved a lot of valuable and often positive feedback and we encourage all MT4j users to do so in the future as well so we can make MT4j even better, faster and stronger. For giving feedback, theres always the official on the and the IRC chat channel on freenode where you can also get support.

In the coming year the work on MT4j continues - in fact, a new version will probably be released around mid January.
Expect lots of new features, bug fixes and cool examples!

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