To seek in a MTMovieClip we normally use the seek bar at the bottom. To shake things up a little, we could also use the scale gesture to seek so that if we move the 2 fingers closer together we would seek to the start of the movie and if we spread our fingers we would seek towards the end of the movie.
Here's a way to do it:

final MTMovieClip clip3 = new MTMovieClip("someVideo.mp4", new Vertex(300, 300), 30 ,pa);
                 clip3.registerInputProcessor(new ScaleProcessor(getMTApplication()));
                 clip3.addGestureListener(ScaleProcessor.class, new IGestureEventListener() {
                         public boolean processGestureEvent(MTGestureEvent ge) {
                                 ScaleEvent se = (ScaleEvent)ge;
                                 delta += (se.getScaleFactorX() -1.0f) ;
                                 if (se.getId() == ScaleEvent.GESTURE_DETECTED){
                                         delta = 0.0f;
                                         startTime = clip3.getVideoTexture().getTime();
                                 else if (se.getId() == ScaleEvent.GESTURE_UPDATED){
                                         if (se.getScaleFactorX() != 1.0f){
                                                 clip3.getVideoTexture().jump(startTime + delta * 50); //this can be tweaked
                                 else if (se.getId() == ScaleEvent.GESTURE_ENDED){
                                         delta = 0.0f;
                                 return false;
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