MT4j Contributions

You can contribute to the MT4j project in the following ways.

File bug reports

By filing bug reports on our you can give feedback about bugs you found, inconsitencies in the API or incompatibilities. This helps us make MT4j better.

Contribute to the MT4j codebase

If you want to contribute to the developement of MT4j and contribute to the source code you can join us on the IRC channel #mt4j on freenode to talk about it. You should of course be very familiar with the which you can check out from the .

Publish your custom components

If you have developed custom components in your projects and think that others may benefit from it don't hesitate to publish these components.

Write tutorials

Currently, we are working on tutorials but this is a lot of work. You can support MT4j by writing tutorials about not yet covered features.

Spread the word

If you like MT4j and you have a blog, twitter, etc you can help spread the word about MT4j by writing a few words about it.

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