Using MT4j with other IDEs than Eclipse

On this page, we started to collect experiences with MT4j in combination with IDEs other than the Eclipse IDE. Feel free to contact us and share your experiences if you use MT4j in combination with an IDE not yet mentioned here.

IntelliJ IDEA

The following steps will convert the eclipse project contained in the MT4j release into a IntelliJ IDEA project:

  • Extract the whole MT4J package to a folder
  • START IntelliJ Idea and select FILE->Open Project
  • Select the .project (hidden) file inside the MT4j folder
  • Wait (the conversion phase will take a bit)
  • Click on the left tab (Project) if it won't show.
  • Select tests "main enabled" files , right mouse on them, and select "StartPRJName"

Screenshot IntelliJ IDEA 9

Thanks to Andrea Leganza for trying this out and for documenting it.

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